"Tosca was nothing short of a dream to work with.

She was knowledgeable and efficient, executed everything perfectly, and did everything with a smile on her face. I would recommend her for any wedding coordination."

Alyssa - Bride

Ultimate Wedding Coordination & Event Design

Full Service Wedding Coordination & Event Design



Here are just a few of our favorite Venues we proudly work with:

Ultimate Wedding Coordination &

 Event Design

It is your dream to create a truly unique and personalized celebration with a "WOW" factor from the moment guests arrive until your final farewells.  This package is for couples that have an event that encompasses many components and moving parts, such as a weekend celebration, multicultural ceremonies, complex multi-day events and/for a destination wedding. Tosca Productions specializes in complex, multi-faceted and multi-cultural celebrations. We research, educate, plan, guide, organize, coordinate and inspire you every step of the way and provide you with the resources to bring your vision to life.  The Ultimate package is completely customizable based on budget, time involved, number of guests, logistics and the complexity of one or more events.

Mid Stage Wedding Planning

Mid-Stage Planning


You've secured the venue and your core vendors, now what? You thought that after all your research in finding the best caterer and perfect venue, you were well on your way to planning the event of a lifetime. Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, it is crucial to secure your venue and core vendors but that's only one stage of planning. You still have a long way to bring your celebration to life including researching and securing remaining vendors, creating a cohesive design, managing details and logistics, and coordinating a seamless celebration from beginning to end.  If you are getting overwhelmed with the mounting amount of details, working endless hours or merely need some direction to get back on track, Tosca Productions can help. With years of experience, we know what works and what doesn't. We are here to alleviate stress, save you time and money, and give you peace of mind. We take what you've already planned and coordinate it with the remaining stages of planning a celebration. Many DIY clients like this package because it allows them to be completely involved yet have the help of an experienced planner to brainstorm, collaborate and customize their celebration. From mid-way planning to complete day of coordination, this package is "life-saver".

Last Stage Planning

 Last Stage Planning


The Last Stage Planning package is for couples that have secured all their vendors and have a clear vision of their wedding. They are approaching the last stage of planning and are in need of putting together all the components of their wedding with regards to invitations, logistics, transportation, babysitting, vendor scheduling and timeline for your special day. We take what you have planned and provide some unique ideas to bring your vision to life.  In addition, we organize all the details you have planned and create a very detail cohesive, seamless schedule of events. We  provide all the vendors with detailed timelines and families and wedding party with duties and highlights of the day. This package encompasses the last stage planning which should be around  4 months before the wedding.

The Pacific-Union Club

Full-Service Wedding Coordination

& Event Design (most popular)


You're engaged and have started creating your guest list and have a preliminary budget in mind. You've even started looking at possible venues or may even have secured a location, but now what? Weeks are becoming months, and you are making little progress or maybe just not sure what to do next. How much should you pay for various vendors and services? Are you getting great value for your money?  What are the important questions to ask your vendors and/or location? With years of experience, Tosca Productions will help you avoid costly oversights and mistakes. Our goal is to assist, plan, inspire, collaborate, and organize with you, from start to finish. We will create a realistic budget and connect you with professional vendors that will fit your unique style and taste. From concept to reality, we educate you on the various components and styles, develop a cohesive theme through color and design, and keep you on track throughout the planning process. We will be your sounding board via phone, email, and/or in person, liaison between you and your vendors, and will schedule meetings throughout the planning process. We will create a meticulously detailed schedule of events from the time you get up until your departure. The timeline is personalized to create the perfect ambiance and seamless transitions from one moment to the next without it feeling too staged. Best of all, Tosca Productions will be there from the "getting-ready" stages until your final farewells. Tosca Productions will handle any unforeseen occurrence so you and your families can truly relax and relish each moment as it unfolds. Wouldn't it be wonderful to feel like a guest at your own celebration?

Month of Planning

Our Month of Coordination Package

(aka "Day of" Coordination)


You have a clear vision of your special day and have the luxury of time and resources at your fingertips. You are extremely organized, have created a budget and have set forth a plan of action to secure all vendors and manage all the details during the months of planning. All you need now is a trusted professional wedding coordinator to carry out your vision on the big day; this package is for you. The Month of Coordination Package allows you to put together the big picture while leaving the organizing details to us. We’ll review your vendor contracts, do a site visit and walk-through, go over floor plans, timeline, setup and flow of events. We will create a detailed schedule of events for your vendors and wedding party. You will have unlimited correspondence via phone or email with your coordinator during the month prior to your wedding. Tosca Productions will conduct your ceremony rehearsal and provide itineraries to your wedding party. On the day of the wedding, we will be there to supervise and oversee setup and direct vendors, assist wedding party and families, place all your personal items, menus, favors, place cards and distribute final payments and gratuities to your vendors. This package includes typically includes 10 hours of setup, event orchestration and break-down. Additional hours and services are available. This packages is essential for anyone that truly wants to relax and cherish each moment as it enfolds.

.....any many more

Thank You - Father of the Bride 


As father of the bride, I can honestly state that retaining Tosca’s services as our wedding planner was the best decision made, besides my daughter’s choice of my son-in-law. Tosca far exceeded our expectations. My wife, daughter and son-in-law worked with Tosca on a daily basis, making all the necessary decisions over the past ten or twelve months. I was more in the background overseeing the financial side. The wedding was held on October 20th at the San Francisco City Hall with approximately 160 guests attending. Tosca’s expertise and understanding of the wedding my daughter and future son-in-law envisioned, along with her attention to detail and budget, was beyond exceptional. Tosca’s personal contacts and relationships with vendors enabled us to work within the budget and save thousands of dollars. After interviewing 3 wedding consultants, we cannot imagine how anyone can match the return on investment regarding Tosca’s fee. In addition, Tosca’s wonderful personality and communication skills were unparalleled for dealing with the different personalities involved. In summary, the magnitude of our wedding would not have been possible without Tosca at our side. This entire experience has been a joyful one, a sentiment not commonly expressed about wedding planning. Tosca made it possible.


--John Donatoni - Father of the Bride

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