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Rave Reviews

Shilpa and Blake
Metreon, City View- San Francisco, CA

I truly wish there were enough words to express how phenomenal Tosca is. We had the pleasure of working with Tosca a few years ago for my sister's wedding, and she was one of the first phone calls we made when we got engaged. We had a very large, very complex wedding day that involved two ceremonies and moving 400 people through four different spaces throughout the day. The wedding day was more beautiful and fun than I ever could imagine, and it was flawless from start to finish. From caterers to florists to invitations to getting the right permits for the event, Tosca knew everyone, and everyone also knew her and was excited to work with her. In addition, Tosca was constantly on the lookout for vendors that would match our needs, tastes, and styles and helped us find the perfect vendors for our event. As previously stated, our wedding was VERY complex and our family is extremely detail oriented and high maintenance. Throughout the entire process Tosca was SO organized and kept all of us up to date with the latest changes and updates. I truly do not know how she remembered and organized all our requests and updates, but she executed our vision perfectly. In addition, she was able to blend all of our opinions, personalities, and styles beautifully and help us find common ground without anyone feeling like they had to compromise or settle. Tosca was constantly looking for ways for us to be more efficient with our budget. She helped us to negotiate down all of our contracts (even after the wedding!), and to make smart design selections that allowed us to make the biggest impact with our budget. Lastly, Tosca becomes part of your family when she plans your wedding (she was there when I bought my dress and at all my fittings). She genuinely wants you to have the day you envision. With Tosca, she makes the entire wedding planning process fun, seamless, and exciting so when you get to the big day you can enjoy every moment.

Heartfelt Accolades from Our Fans


Noel and Allen

UC Berkeley, The Faculty Club


Tosca kept things running smoothly even as the venue went through four event coordinators in less than a year, reminding each new person of the promises made by the predecessors. She knows which vendors perform well and which costs are reasonable. Through two weddings in eight years (including one same-gender) we haven't been able to throw anything at her that she hasn't been able to solve with grace, good humor, creativity, and professionalism. Both weddings have been called "best ever" by our guests.

Carly - bride 
St. Vincent's School for Boys 


Carly said... 
There are not enough good words to say about Tosca and her team. She made my wedding absolutely fabulous, understood my vision from our very first meeting, made my mother feel calm throughout (as it was the three of us planning), always tried to get us the "most bang for our buck", and in turn we had the best wedding ever. People are still talking about it, months later and I know it is because Tosca was such a big part of making sure everything was perfect and beautiful. She is so knowledgeable and so experienced, that you cannot help but trust her implicitly. She is understanding, warm, NEVER flustered and always available to talk and counsel - which is so very valuable in someone planning one of the biggest days in your life. She is an absolute professional with a wonderful spirit and personality. You can read and look at all the magazines, blogs, and Pinterest boards you want, but Tosca thinks of things you never thought of and makes it all come to life. I cannot imagine my wedding without Tosca.



Susan - bride 
Bentley Reserve, San Francisco, CA  

I don't think I can convey in writing how absolutely amazing Tosca is, both as a wedding planner and as a person. My mom and I both worked closely with Tosca and throughout the process consistently remarked to each other how thankful we were we'd found her. Tosca is extremely organized and has no shame in hounding vendors to ensure everyone does what they need to do in the appropriate timeframe. In addition, she brings many years of experience from which she is able to give invaluable advice, while not being overbearing about it. Tosca took care of much behind the scenes and kept quiet any issues; we always felt like all was on track and she minimized the stress for us. Any issues that we did become aware of, she would smile, let us know she was on top of it, and that was the end of it. Additionally, Tosca was willing to do ANYthing, and happily. A few days before the wedding I realized I'd overlooked purchasing something that we wanted to have for guests at the wedding and I just figured I'd have to live without it but Tosca jumped right in and took care of it. Tosca is also a savvy shopper and knows how to find the best deals - she makes sure to keep costs down for you as much as possible. Lastly, Tosca has a great sense of humor and made the process so much fun. Both my mom and I were sad to say bye to Tosca at the end of the wedding weekend but know we will be in touch for years to come.

Heba & Ertan
Fairmont, San Francisco, CA  


After an extensive search for the right planner, I landed happily on Tosca. Hiring her was the best decision I made for my wedding. She has all the characteristics that are truly crucial in a wedding planner: patience, charisma, positivity, and most of all dedication. She has over 20 years in the industry and she knows everything there is to know about weddings. She is calm and collected and can honestly deal with any type of situation without you ever knowing. The whole wedding planning process was truly seamless with her. She caught on to my style very early on and let me soar where I needed to and lent her helping hand where I fell short. But where Tosca truly showed me just how invaluable she was to my wedding, was on the day of. She was a miracle worker. I could see her hovering across the masses sprinkling fairy dust on everyone with her infectious smile and charisma. She orchestrated everything PERFECTLY. All of my vendors adored her. She is SO good that I had a few guests and bridesmaids who inquired about her immediately. Look no further, Tosca is simply THE BEST.

Courtney & Todd

Grace Cathedral & The Pacific-Union Club, San Francisco


“Thank you for being by our side throughout the wedding planning process as well as on the day of. You helped make the year leading up to the wedding filled with excitement and pure bliss. Your “anything is possible attitude” made all of our dreams come true… Whenever I had a question or a concern, you were always right there to inform or calm the anxious bride-to-be down. Your organizational skills are incredible and very much admired. I really do not know how you did it all! … Tosca you were by my side … The moment I remember most clearly was right before I was to walk down the aisle with my dad. I discovered that my veil was not on securely and you were gone in a flash with bobby pins with literally seconds to spare. You clearly work magic …Your fabulous idea to incorporate the Irish bagpiper into the ceremony was brilliant and guests have not stopped raving about it… From the I do’s to the thank you’s our day was true perfection.” 
—Courtney and Todd, Hillsborough, California

Brian and Jen

Hans Fahden, Napa Valley


“Fabulous, fantastic, unbelievable, touching, moving, memorable, priceless, and just plain fun.  Thank you SO much for EVERYTHING these last 18 months–it has been such a pleasure working with you, and you made the planning of the wedding so effortless and the weekend itself so easy & carefree that I just can’t thank you enough!” I can’t believe it’s over after so much planning, and I thought it went beautifully–for which I give you 100% credit.  I know how much “behind the scenes” work went into such a wedding to ensure everything ran smoothly, and I really appreciate all that you did.  It’s going to be hard to get used to living without your daily emails–my best pen-pal is leaving me!”

—Brian and Jen, Florida

Janis, mother of the bride

Cristina and Matt, Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco


“I am so happy we found you when we did. You helped to keep us organized and on track. (I could use you to organize my personal life). You were definitely a calming factor when emotions would get out of hand…To this day everyone still talks about the wedding and reception. It was truly a fairytale day meant for a Princess and Prince. Cristina and Matt told me at the end of the night, that their day had far exceeded even their expectations…You are a remarkable lady. I’m not sure the word “stress” is in you vocabulary. The wedding experience would never have been as beautiful if it were not for you. You had a solution to every problem…” 
—Janis [Mother of the Bride], Danville, California

Daniella and David

Inn at Pebble Beach, CA

“…From the moment you and I first spoke, my whole feeling about our wedding changed (for the better) – I went from panic mode to a kind of excitement words cannot describe. I knew with you, we would get through everything the result would be beautiful. I was, I’m sure, one of your most difficult clients (feel free to use me as an example of an over-bearing bride)…It was hard for me to let go of the details and yet I knew I needed help…You were always understanding, kind, gave brilliant ideas and at the same time, you gave Dave and me the independence to make the final decisions…After your countless hours of hard work, my panic attacks and all the decisions made our wedding unfold to become the most incredibly beautiful, perfect, amazing day. It was a wedding beyond our dreams! We (and our parents) have received countless notes, emails and phone calls about how incredibly wonderful, beautiful (and fun!) everything was…from the ceremony to reception. and you stayed ‘til the end! One final note…my family adores you! My dad especially is a pretty quiet man. Yet he opened up to you in a way I’ve rarely seen. We all have the utmost respect for you and we all send you a big hug! Grazie!” 
—Daniella and David

Yael and Brian
Yerba Buena Gardens, SFMoma, San Francisco

“We cannot thank you enough for pulling off the wedding of our dreams, every aspect of which exceed our expectations and those of our parents. And as you know, our family has very high expectations! …From our first interview, we felt your warmth and vibrancy and knew you would be a good fit for our family… You pointed us to top quality vendors that fit both our aesthetic and personal styles. When the band we wanted most already had four parties ahead of us on their waiting list, you were able to get us to the top of the list…You worked to get us an outdoor wedding venue that had never been used for weddings before, even getting the price lowered for us. You got us to take things to the next level – to get invitations that would set the right mood, to use creative colors in our modern space, to have a color scheme so things would go together, etc which really set our wedding apart….The evening before the wedding, it was much colder outside than we anticipated and you suggested and found the perfect wraps to provide to the guests. On the day of the wedding you had bobby pins to keep the kippot in place in the wind, you had white chalk to cover the flower pollen stain on my dress, you organized a last-second seating change for my family, you kept the event flowing smoothly and my family didn’t have to worry about a thing…We felt so taken care of, that after the wedding it was very hard to get used to being without you. I kept wanting to tell everyone “talk to Tosca!”…it was a wedding people are still talking about, and we are still smiling when we think about it.”…Thank you, 
—Yael and Bryan, Palo Alto, California

Sarena and Vikram

Dolce Hayes Mansion, San Jose, CA


“Thank You, Tosca, for everything you have achieved for us! Our wedding guests still tell us how smooth the entire event was. Indian weddings can be very complicated…it is often the case that the bride and groom become overwhelmed with all the family, tradition, rituals, events, clothes, jewelry, etc.  With you in charge, we felt like we could actually relax and enjoy the ride. Our “Big Fat Indian Wedding” was a whirlwind of excitement, and you were the calming force in the center. We knew that, on our wedding day, the two of us could relax and enjoy the day. But we were happily surprised to see that both sets of parents were also relaxed and enjoying the entire event – from dawn until dawn! Trust us, that alone is an achievement and worthwhile. Most of all, we enjoyed meeting you and we are proud to call you our friend. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” 
—Vikram and Sarena, Palo Alto, California

Andrea and Erik
Bridges Golf Club, San Ramon, CA


“Where do I begin…Erik and I can’t thank you enough for everything you did for us through the past almost 2 years. There is no way we could have done it without your help. Your assistant was so nice to me, she is a keeper. You’re a part of our lives forever. I will miss you so much. You know your job, and you do it well. Our friends and family said it was the best wedding they had ever attended. Many family members said you were so much help to things they never knew had to be done. Others said, “good job on hiring a wedding planner”. I like to think so. I hope our wedding made you proud after all your hard work. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Please think of us when you give your next bride’s your card. All your past brides including me have a big smile on our faces because of you.” 
—Andrea and Erik, Pacheco, California

Donna and Larry, Parents of the bride

San Francisco City Hall


“Larry and I want you to know how “over the top” thrilled we were with Danielle and Gili’s wedding. From that first night we met you with your great smile and unending energy, we knew we had chosen the right planner. Your enthusiasm was infectious and it never wavered even during the most trying of times, and there were many…Your attention to detail was remarkable… coordination of all the vendors, transportation, millions of last-minute projects to complete and details to attend to, was a feat unto itself. But, you pulled it through with style and grace, always showing your radiant smile and giving positive feedback. Your calmness and unstressful attitude certainly helped all of us relax, and allowed Larry and I to actually become guests at the rehearsal dinner and at the wedding. Certain people touch our lives in such a special way, that anytime they are in our thoughts, it seems like a special day. We feel this way about you, Tosca. You will never know the impact you had on our lives throughout this whole process. With much love and friendship,” 
—Donna and Larry, Foster City, California

Ellen, mother of the bride

Kohl Mansion, Burlingame, CA


“I still have not come from Cloud 9… You were our fairy godmother, making things happen as if by magic, taking care of any problems that arose with no intrusion into our family time and allowing us to feel like specials guests at our own event. The vendors you recommended were excellent…With such a relaxed, festive atmosphere, all the different groups, strangers to each other at first, left the wedding feeling like one big family. It was a real love fest!…You saved us thousands of dollars…Initially, I was the one who was reluctant to spend the money on a wedding planner. Knowing what I know now, I would sacrifice many things before I would give up your services. I cannot rave enough about how your competence, upbeat attitude, personal service and attention to detail made the difference to our family. You functioned as our lawyer, our manager, set designer, financial consultant, cheerleader, and best of all a friend…We can never thank you enough.” 
—Ellen Walton, mother of the bride

Becky and Fred, parents of the bride
Bently Reserve, San Francisco


“We all want to thank you for helping us create the fairytale wedding that Nikki has always dreamed of.  We could not have done it without you.  When we began the planning process 18 months ago, it seemed so far away and plenty of time to get everything done.  When Nikki left to go on tour, I began to realize that I did not know anything about San Francisco.  As we started looking for vendors, I felt like I was taking shots in the dark.  The best shot I took was at a wedding planner that I found on the internet…I don’t really remember a moment that I felt totally stressed or overwhelmed.  You kept us up to date and on track, so when the time came, it was all done….  When we were short one bouquet, you took care of it.  When I fell, there were first aide things waiting for me at the hotel including a kiss on the forehead to help me with my pride…I don’t know how we would have done it without … I will miss getting phone calls saying “Hi, this is Tosca, is it a good time to talk?”  “It was always a good time to talk.” 

—Fred and Becky, Upland, California

Kate and Karl

Stern Grove, San Francisco


“Your ability to grasp the vision that we had for our wedding day, and to then bring in the proper resources to complete the picture was fantastic. I was told I’d be lucky if I remember even a small part of the day.  I can say it is a day I’ll never forget. Beginning to end – thank you!” 

—Kate and Karl, San Francisco, California

Belinda and Thierry

Ritz Carlton Hotel, San Francisco


“Thierry and I would like to thank you for all your help in making our wedding the most memorable day of our lives! Everything was perfect – the flowers, the music, the decorations, the food, the lighting. Thank you also for taking the time to listen to our needs and for all your suggestions/recommendations. I can still remember entering the ballroom that night. My mouth dropped. It was breathtaking. It was just like a dream. Everything was as I had pictured in my mind…We cannot begin to tell you enough how thoroughly we have enjoyed ourselves- we only wish it lasted longer! You and your staff made sure that everything went smoothly (I didn’t have to worry a bit!). With you around, I was completely relaxed and was able to enjoy the company of our family and friends. Thanks so much. You are truly the best!” 

—Belinda and Thierry

Celinda and David

Presidio Chapel & Golden Gate Club, San Francisco


“From the moment we met you, we knew you were the one. We really felt comfortable working with you. We were very impressed with your professional and approachable personality which shined from the wedding planning up till our wedding. The chapel that your husband drew for our wedding programs was beautifully done. Your patience, organization, conscientiousness, and advice along with your friendliness are what make you a great wedding director!… From the Filipino cultural dancers that my mom surprised us with to my cousin who did the surprise video for me, really enjoyed talking and working with you. I was really touched with all their effort to putting together those surprises and I’m very grateful that my mom and cousin had you to turn to for help…Most importantly, having you part of our wedding and lives is really special to us! We could not have done it without you! We’ll be in touch.” 

—Celinda and David, San Francisco, California

Joyce, mother of the bride

Holbrook Palmer Park, Atherton, CA


“When my daughter first started to plan her wedding, it did not seem very complicated. She hired a caterer, a florist, a photographer, a baker, a rental company, etc. The challenge began when she tried to coordinate everyone’s efforts. It became quickly apparent that my daughter did not have the time to pull everything together and that we needed HELP…. I have been so impressed watching you handle some very difficult situations: a church coordinator who was not pleased that we had our own coordinator; a caterer who preferred not to be pinned down to details; a wedding party of ‘thirty-something’ who did not want anyone telling them what to do. In all of these situations, you obtained the results that you wanted without offending. It got to be a joke that whenever anyone needed anything there was one refrain – tell Tosca. After the event, EVERYONE sang your praises…” 
—Joyce [Mother of the Bride], Saratoga, California

Cecile and Colin

South Bay, California


“When I decided to use a wedding coordinator (something I initially felt a little foolish about doing as a 50+-year-old bride!), I thought it would be helpful. It wasn’t just ‘helpful’—finding you and engaging you to work with us was the smartest thing I ever did (other than deciding to marry Colin, that is)….As it was, all of my friends and relatives commented on how smoothly everything went, and how unruffled I was! As my daughter put it, “Thank God for Tosca!’…Last but not least, there you were accompanying us… saying, ‘Be sure to stop and look at the room and the beautiful flowers so that you remember them.’ I never did that at my daughter’s wedding and it went by in a blur. We did stop and look and we do remember. Thank you, Tosca.” 

—Cecile and Colin, Alamo, California

Dan and Karen - Suprise Wedding

Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco


“We started by calling you just 3 short weeks away from a fairly elaborate wedding schedule smack in the middle of Christmas season, pile on top of that some of the ‘over the top’ things we wanted to do for each other and you had your…hands full. The daily phone calls between Dan and Tosca, planning and scheduling, confirming and buying for Karen’s ‘Princess-for-a-day’ event the day before our wedding. All of this done in absolute secrecy from Karen’s phone calls regarding the wedding certainly but also her surprises and gifts for Dan. We don’t know how you kept it all straight???!!!
“…What sticks in my mind the most on my wedding day is you being there at all the right possible moments. like bringing me food throughout the day, watching the time to make sure I didn’t lose it, bringing me water and a chair when I was ready to hyperventilate from emotion, figuring out a way to hide me from our guests with a sheet and the help of my friends, which kept me laughing instead of crying, and at the end of the evening getting ‘little kid crazy’ with me to chase down cable cards in the freezing cold of San Francisco…Tosca, you were more than a wedding coordinator, you were my friend.” 
—Dan and Karen, Pleasanton, California

Amy and Darren

Atherton, California



“We cannot thank you enough for all of your guidance, support, and help in making our wedding day literally “perfect.” You have helped make our special day something that we will never, ever forget.  The entire night ran so smoothly and we have you to thank for that.  You went above and beyond your call of duty (and more specifically your contract) and we can never thank you enough.  From organizing the ceremony to putting all the CLEAN votive candles back in the bubble wrap, you were incredible.  You really took the stress off our shoulders and made planning a wedding actually fun! Thank you so much for putting up with our many calls and treating us like we were members of your family. You went “above and beyond” the call of duty and for that, we will never be able to repay you. We will wear your “Tosca Productions / Don’t Elope” shirts with pride. Thank you again for all your hard work.  Our day was magical!” 

—Amy and Darren, Atherton, California

Nicole and Craig
Grace Cathedral and Westin St. Francis, San Francisco


“Thank you so much for helping us make our wedding day the BEST day of our lives. From the rehearsal thru the end of the reception, it was so reassuring to know that you were there making sure that everything went according to plan…From the start, Craig and I felt absolutely certain that we made the right decision in hiring you and we only became surer of that decision throughout the year long planning process…Craig and I will continue to recommend your services to all our newly engaged friends and if any of your prospective clients would like to call us for a referral we would be thrilled to speak with them…Thank you for absolutely everything. Our wedding day was truly spectacular – a real dream come true! We couldn’t have done it without you!”


Our very best, Nicole and Craig

Dena and Paul
SS. Peter and Paul Church, San Francisco, CA
“…From our first meeting on everything changed for my mom and me.  My mom calmed down and I truly feel like she felt she now had a guardian angel in her corner… “Needless to say, I know for a fact that our day would not have been as beautiful, enjoyable, or organized if it were not for you. By now I hope you know that I was wrong about my preconceived notion that we did not need a wedding coordinator. My mom was right…she tells me I should listen to her more often…” (excerpt from a 3 page thank you letter) 
—Dena and Paul, Martinez, California
Michelle and Ismael
Berkeley, California


“We are deeply GRATEFUL…for all your support…for soothing my nerves when times got a little intense…for helping me breathe…for helping me iron things out and working wonders when things appeared impossible…for keeping us both on track…for taming my imagination to realities when they became outrageous…for embracing our families as your own…for being our confidant and trusted friend…for offering your genuine concern…for your sincere friendship…for being so incredibly organized and prepared  (you are a master at what you do)…for regarding our wedding as if it was your own…for your infectious energy and excitement…for not acknowledging “impossibilities:… for allowing us to enjoy our wedding free of worries and stress…for reassuring our families and bridal party that everything would be alright…for the admirable professionalism…for making our day as perfect as it could be…for allowing both of us to exhale…we could go on telling you how grateful we are but one thing…Our wedding has really left a good impression on our family and friends…Most of all…we have such beautiful memories of our day we can always tell our future kids…memories we treasure dearly as we begin our journey of life together…I wish for every snag I come across in life I can always say, “Ask Tosca…please go to her…Rest assured, my life would be stress-free.” —Michelle and Ismael

Ramesh and Pratibha, parents of the bride
Anjali and Vivek, Ralston Hall, Belmont, CA

“The compliments keep coming from all the attendees on how enjoyable the day was.  I am glad we had you to help us. Hundreds of emails, several phone conversations and visits to vendor’s shops all paid off at the end. For me, the important thing was that I was very relaxed knowing fully well that you are in charge.  I have told my friends that it is very important to have a wedding coordinator like Tosca if they are planning a wedding. You recommended to us the best vendors who delivered great value and service for the money we spent. Every minute was planned and everyone had clear instructions on what to do when. Every detail was addressed to make this an elegant affair…You were also very helpful in bridging the expectations of Anjali and Vivek with mine and Pratibha’s. The ceremony highlighted the glamour of Indian tradition blended with the western style. It was so perfect. Thanks again for your partnership.” 

—Ramesh and Pratibha, Foster City, California

Lisa and Mark
Oakland, CA


“…We had not budgeted for a wedding coordinator, but your services were worth every penny. When we look back at our wedding day and realize how smoothly everything went, we know that we have you to thank…Thank you for helping us narrow our focus when we were searching for vendors and for providing a variety of choices for each…When we saw your incredibly detailed wedding day schedule, we were awed. We would have never thought of all the details you included…Our final confirmation of your organizational prowess came when you produced a spare cummerbund from your “emergency kit” for Mark’s father on our wedding day. We know you had another whole set of checklist for you and Tom on the wedding day and we were glad to be sheltered from all of those concerns…” 

—Lisa and Mark, San Francisco, California

Lisa and Robert
South Bay, CA


“…Tosca, I still remember that when I first hired you, I didn’t budget to hire a wedding consultant. I was wondering if I really needed one because I already selected all the vendors and secured the reception site. However, each time after I talked to you, I knew that I had made the right decision in hiring you…Because of you, I was able to save money on an extra room for the cocktail party; as a result, the dinner reception room turned out to be more elegant than I originally planned…” 

—Lisa & Robert, Los Angeles, California

Renee and Cedric
Holbrook Palmer Park, Atherton, CA

“Thanks to you, we had a beautiful and memorable wedding. Everything went smoothly and everyone really enjoyed themselves. Everybody was very impressed with the way you and Tom handled things. You can always use us as a reference because having you to help, took away all the anxieties I potentially could have experienced! … Thanks again for being so patient, helpful, professional and pleasant. We truly enjoyed working with you and will definitely recommend you to anyone we know who’s getting married!

Thanks also to all the special attention to details and all the millions of favors I asked of you. I truly believe someone sent you to me (or me to you) to help make our wedding the best it could be. You’re an angel!” 


—Renee and Cedric, Palo Alto, California

Tracey and Mike
Rios-Lovell Winery, Livermore, CA
“Mike and I just got back from our honeymoon. I can’t begin to thank you for all that you did to make our wedding day as great as it was. When you engage with anyone on a project you have some preconceived ideas and expectations of how things will go. Words can’t describe how much you exceeded any and all of what I could have imagined. The toughest and longest decision I made was who to choose for the wedding coordinator. I just didn’t click with several other people I met but I know the minute I met you, this was going to work out great. From the smallest detail to the large picture you had it all covered with class, grace and warmth. All of my family commented separately to me how much they liked you and what a true professional you were. I am truly sorry all the planning is over because now I won’t talk to you a few times a week…Thank you, thank you for all that you did. I don’t even want to think about what I would have done about my dress disaster if you weren’t there to go above and beyond. 

—Tracey and Mike, San Jose, California

Drs. Michelle and Richard
San Francisco, CA

“Richard and I want to thank you for pulling together what we thought was the impossible – planning a wedding and reception in six weeks while being at critically busy points in our careers. You were the voice of reason and you guided us through some difficult decisions during our early planning stages. Those who know me, know how difficult it is for me to relinquish control of anything, especially something as important as my wedding day. You made it so easy. Your competence and professionalism at every step built my trust in your ability. That trust was well deserved. During the wedding day, you were meticulously organized and in charge which allowed me to step back and really enjoy the party…Beyond the organizational assistance you provided and in the medical assistance you gave Richard (–ironic considering there were over 30 physicians at our wedding) you were warm and friendly and had a wonderful spirit. My family and friends were all very impressed by you…We are deeply grateful to you for helping make our wedding day a wonderful memory.” 

—Drs. Michelle and Richard, San Francisco, California


Robyn and Bruce
Los Angeles, CA

“Thank you, Tosca for taking time with us and making our wedding day seem the most important thing on your agenda when it was completely on ours for a few months. You did an exceptional job!” 

—Robyn & Bruce, Los Angeles, California

Barry and Sandy, Parents of the Bride
Congregation Emanu-El, San Francisco, CA

“…I must say the best decision I made was to hire you!. You truly went above and beyond when the special situations called for it. Your professionalism and personal attention to each and every detail did not go unnoticed or unappreciated. The greatest compliment I got that evening from my daughter was, “Mom, you seem so relaxed tonight.” 

—Barry and Sandy [Parents of the Bride], Colorado

Doreen and Dan 
Hillsborough, CA


“…Tosca covered everything from boosting my self-esteem to the proper etiquette, heartfelt support, details, meetings with vendors, and last but not least a blessing from the Pope. There was not one detail overlooked…I am convinced that she was the only reason things went so smoothly…Most important, she kept my father happy by keeping everything with the budget. It was amazing how she was able to get everything we wanted, limousine, beautiful dress, table flowers and flowers for the church, video person, the very best photographer, baker, musicians, and all this with a minimal budget. Dad was very pleased….” 

—Doreen and Dan, South San Francisco, California


Michele and Isy
Fairmont Hotel, San Jose, CA


“I can’t thank you enough for helping us to have the wedding of our dreams! I am truly in awe of all you did for us and I wonder sometimes how the day would have been without you there to pull it all together…Your organizational skills are spellbinding, yet what also truly makes the difference is your attention to detail, your creativity and your thoughtfulness. I really felt as if you really did want to make everything as perfect as possible for us. How can I thank you?…Everybody commented on how sweet and helpful you were and I believe that you calmed the nerves of more people than we can know…
I enjoyed working with you so much and I will never forget all you did for us. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and I hope to see you again! 
—Michele and Isy, Los Gatos, California

Adrienne and Joe
Cupertino, CA 


“Thank you for all of your help with the wedding! Joe and I were extremely pleased at how the wedding turned out. The food, flowers, and ice cream bar were wonderful. My mom I know especially liked the "Thank You" sundae. What a good idea!…You are awesome and we thank you for making sure all the details were smoothed out and that things went smoothly. We will keep in touch!” 

—Adrienne, Cupertino, California


Kristen and Greg
Spinnaker Restaurant, Sausalito, CA

“…We knew we would be getting very high-quality service but were touched by your warmth and genuineness. As we were choosing vendors, most had worked with you before and had nothing but positive things to say. In fact, our videographer even commented that you were the first coordinator he had worked with that had bothered to extensively interview him in order to make sure he had a good work ethic and could deliver a quality video-this impressed all of us…We loved working with you…” 

—Kristen and Greg, Sausalito, California

Ann and Michael
Kohl Mansion, Burlingame, CA

“…Thanks to you, we had an absolutely wonderful wedding!  Things could not have gone any better.  You thought of things that never crossed our minds.  A perfect example of this was Magic Mike and his crew.  What a great solution for handling children!!  So many people have told us what a great idea that was, and, of course, we have given all the credit to you. Speaking of rave reviews, I can’t begin to tell you how many people have told us our wedding was the best wedding they had ever been to.  Both Michael and I believe that much of that was thanks to you. My new sister-in-law, Carmella, who was one of the bridesmaids, told me I was the calmest bride she had ever seen.  So calm, in fact, that I apparently calmed the other bridesmaids.  This was because I knew you were in charge and that you would take care of anything that needed taking care of. Thank you again, Tosca, for helping us out with a perfect wedding.  You really helped make our special day very special.”  
—Ann and Michael, Mountain View, California


Kym and Steve Loos
Pan Pacific Hotel, San Francisco, CA


“We can’t thank you enough for the wonderful job you did on our wedding, you truly made everything special!  It still amazes me when we talk to other people who have recently been married how well you sheltered us from any stress!  The follow-up service you have provided us simply is icing on the cake….” 

—Steve and Kym, Hollister, California

Jolene and Kip, Parents of the Bride
Congregation Emanu-El

“After meeting with you, both Colette and I felt a huge burden lifted from our shoulders and then I knew from that moment on we were in excellent hands! You were wonderful working with our selected vendors…They each commented on you – such a warm and professional person to do business with…Lastly, I want you to know that a guest at the wedding had been observing you throughout the entire day and her question to me was “Where did you find that gold nugget?” That’s exactly what you were to all of us! It’s not just that you do things, it’s the wonderful way you do them…As soon as Molly (sister), crosses the threshold of a future wedding. You will be the first called instead of the last! I found the “gold nugget” and will hold on to her for Molly (sister). We were fortunate indeed to have found you.” 

—Jolene & Kip [Parents of the Bride], Fremont, CA


Susan and Robert
Meadowwood Resort, Napa Valley, CA


“…thank you so much for the spectacular job you did in helping with our wedding. It went off flawlessly, many thanks to you. We’ve gotten such a profusion of compliments, about the day (we love to hear them too!). People have said it’s the best wedding they’ve ever attended, everything was perfect, they had fun and we couldn’t have been more relaxed. We told them it was because we’d hire the best!..”. 

—Robert and Susan, Los Altos, California


Marti and Patrick
James Leary Flood Mansion, San Francisco, CA

“Thank you once again for making our wedding day so memorable- our friends still talk about it as being the most beautiful wedding they’ve ever attended!” 

—Marti and Patrick, Menlo Park, California


Lia and Aaron
Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco


“Let us begin by thanking you for giving us the wedding of our dreams. Without you, none of the ideas we had for our wedding would have been possible. All of your hard work, creative great ideas, and hands-on care is very appreciated. Our wedding was a total success as is our marriage and we’re glad you were a part of it! We would recommend you to anyone. Good Luck and keep making dream weddings come true!” 

—Aaron and Lia, Danville, California


Mindy and Alex
Congregation Emanu-el, San Francisco


“We greatly appreciated your ability to keep calm under pressure and deal with any crisis large or small. A few examples of this include: keeping our rowdy wedding party in line during the rehearsal, buttoning the many little buttons on my dress (much to my mother’s delight) working with the catering staff to keep the cake standing, calmly handling the guests who missed the first trolley home…Your support and your responsiveness in answering all of my last minute questions gave me the confidence that no detail would be forgotten. In hindsight, I’m not sure how I could have managed without you!…” 

—Mindy, San Francisco, California

Gary and Holly, parents
-Erica's BatMitzvah, Oakland, CA


“Thank you so much for everything you did to make Erica’s Bat Mitzvah perfect. The room was unbelievably gorgeous – better than we had ever imagined it would look. The entire evening was perfect. Everything went so smoothly. You always seemed to be in exactly the right spot. Anytime something came up you were right there to handle whatever the question…I cannot possibly thank you enough for everything and all of your help. I will definitely call on you the next time we need assistance with a large event.” 

—Holly, Gary and Erica, Oakland, California—Janis [Mother of the Bride], Danville, California

Susan and Darrell
St. Ignatinus, San Francisco


“…Tosca came through and jumped many hurdles beyond our expectations…She even listed who was picking us up from the airport after the honeymoon. That was funny because Tosca had enlisted my father to pick us up from the airport…After we deplaned, we saw my father standing proud and wearing a big smile. He said ‘I am here just as Tosca stated!’… Tosca’s work was always of the highest caliber…She is a person with outstanding character, rare focus, and a seriousness of purpose. Because of her maturity and intellectual independence, her creativity, resilience, and natural compassion, she has enormous potential for making your wedding memories a positive experience.” 

—Susan and Darrell – Los Angeles, California

Caroline and Brian
Golden Gate Yacht Club, San Francisco


“…When I first started to plan my wedding to Brian, I was intimidated by the sheer volume of planning I had ahead of me, especially given my exacting standards. Once I started working with you, you made the process not only bearable- you made it fun…Your organizational skills were an inspiration, allowing me to stay on track and make continuous progress. Your extensive network of resources allowed you to present me with options based on my interest and budget, and facilitated the choosing of perfect vendors for my tastes… You helped Brian and me create a budget within our means, and you were quick to resolve contractual and payment issues with my vendors, in some cases negotiating down the costs of their services. You were so knowledgeable about all things wedding –from etiquette, to cake boxes, to musical selections, to service personnel, to interpersonal and professional relationships. Most importantly, throughout the entire planning process, you kept me in touch with the solemnity of the vows I was about to take….I chose you over several other bridal consultants for your warmth, your breadth of experience, the time you devoted to each event and your invaluable accessibility. …Your references describe you in glowing terms and having worked with you for over a year, I can understand why. Moreover, I echo their praise of you personally, and of your work…” 
—Caroline and Brian, Redwood City, California

Jackie and Craig
Congregation Emanu-El , San Francisco


“ One of the things upon which Craig, my parents, and I unanimously agree is the outstanding job you did coordinate our wedding from beginning to end…Your patience, good listening skills, great ideas, attention to detail and pleasant manner made it a pleasure to work with you. Even my father did not worry!… So many of our guests commented that ours was one of the nicest weddings they had ever attended! Little did they know that you were our secret weapon! You made everything seem so effortless, but we know how hard you worked (even wearing out a pair of shoes with so much running around that day!)…” 

—Jackie and Craig, Los Angeles, California

Ninna, mother of the bride

Los Altos Hills Golf and Country Club


“I want to thank you for doing a terrific job and for always being willing to listen to my worries. The way you handled the wedding day could not have been better. I appreciate the way you took charge. The country club looked beautiful – the tables, the flowers, the whole thing was in place and we did not have to wait for anything. Your timeline worked out great and everyone had a wonderful time. On behalf of Lise, my son Kevin and myself, I want to thank you for a job well done and for helping us through a day we knew would be very hard to get through!” 

—Ninna Traugott, Palo Alto, California

Meyer and Shirley, parents of the bride

Oakland, San Francisco


“Between Lisa and Mark’s attention to detail and good taste, and your skills, wealth of information and resources, their wedding was a real ‘winner’! On a scale of 1 to 10, it was a 15!…Thanks for your role and expertise in making it happen…Being detail people, we were especially impressed with your schedule of events and how it helped everyone know what, where and when something was about to take place.” 

—Meyer & Shirley [Parents of the Bride], Texas

Matt and Reyna
Palo Alto, San Francisco


“…It’s funny, we were playing the wedding and reception back in our heads the next day, we kept coming back to things that you and Tom did for us to make our day special….You can be sure that when our friends and co-workers get married, we will always recommend you…highly.” 

—Matt and Reyna, Los Altos, California

Brian and Kim
Chateau Julian, Carmel Valley, CA

“…You went beyond the call of duty many times, such as, long meetings at the rehearsal site and going to the store during the event for sodas we had forgotten for the guests…We will always look back and remember this special day and feel lucky that we had the opportunity to use Tosca Productions” 

—Brian and Kim, Cupertino, California

Pura and Greg
Cliff Hotel, San Francisco


“…I should begin by letting you know that all our guests truly enjoyed all of the small details that without your suggestions we would never have thought of. There wasn’t one recommendation or idea that was not perfect…the list goes on & on! Whenever someone tells us what a wonderful wedding it was and how everything was so perfect, we answer “THANK TOSCA”. We loved having you be a part of this very special day in our lives.” 

-Pura and Greg - Paso Robles

Barbara and Brett
Congregation Emanu-ElSan Francisco, CA




“Brett and I would like to thank you for your tireless and kind efforts to make our wedding a success!…Of course, there were many other big & small contributions on your part, but your talent as a “composer” stood out to us!” 

—Barbara and Brett, San Francisco, California

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